OpenMed Pro: the tool that eases the project management

Why using it

  • Makes easy and quick your reporting
  • Enhances your ability of monitoring expenses, activities and expected outcomes
  • Allows you and your partnership to easily re-schedule tasks/costs/events
  • Friendly to use (through the web, you can manage your project wherever you are)
  • Customizable for large partnerships

Who can use it

Leaders and partners of EU-funded projects

Projects using OpenMedPro:

Main features

  • Budget

    • Planning and revising
    • Financiaplanning l implementation monitoring and reporting
    • Accounting documents storing
  • Activities

    • Planning and revising
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Outputs and deliverables monitoring and storing
    • Results indicators monitoring and reporting
  • Partnership

    • Contacts updates
    • Performance monitoring
    • Internal communications